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The Dripby Brew Editors10:02 pmJul 6, 20180

Olszewski declared winner in Baltimore County – by 9 votes

Discounted as Jim Brochin and Vicki Almond bloodied each other during the primary, “Johnny O” clinches the title by a hair’s breadth. UPDATED.

Above: Dundalk’s “Johnny O” is declared the winner tonight of the Democratic Party primary. (@JohnnyOJr)

Relegated to third place by pundits and a poll in the county executive race, John A. “Johnny O” Olszewski Jr. pulled off a stunning primary-day victory.

And tonight, with all of the votes counted, he was declared the Democratic Party candidate for Baltimore county executive by a hair’s breadth.

The county election board said the former Dundalk legislator held a 9-vote lead over state Sen. Jim Brochin after provisional ballots and a final round of absentee ballots were tallied.

Olszewski tweeted last night, “Our message resonated across the county from Randallstown to Rocky Point. Voters are ready for a better Baltimore County with policies like universal pre-k and tuition-free community college.”

Brochin: We Will Ask for Recount

The closeness of the race makes a challenge – and a vote recount – likely. And, in fact, Brochin told The Towson Flyer last night he would make such a request.

The final count, according to the election board, was:

27,804 votes for Olszewski
27,795 votes for Brochin

Vicki Almond trailed Olszewski by about 1,000 votes.

On election night, Olszewski led Brochin by 346 votes. That margin narrowed to 42 votes when the first round of absentee ballots were counted last week.

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