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VIDEO: 10-year-old “squeegee boy” hit by car on President Street

The boy, whose injuries were described as minor, darted in front of a car and was “at fault,” according to the police report

Above: The video shows a boy squeegeeing the windshield of a car. (WMAR-2 News)

Amid the intense public interest and media attention on young people in Baltimore who use squeegees to clean car windshields for money, one of them was hit by a car at a busy intersection.

A 10-year-old boy was struck at President and Pratt streets on Saturday at about 6:50 p.m., according to Baltimore Police.

The boy, whose name was not released, suffered “minor injuries” and was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital where his condition was listed as “stable,” BPD spokeswoman Chakia Fennoy said today.

UPDATE: A spokeswoman said the child remains at Johns Hopkins Hospital where his condition is “fair.”

A video of the incident, picked up by television news, appears to have been made from the inside of a vehicle stopped northbound on President Street.

A boy can be seen outside of the vehicle soaping and wiping the window with a squeegee. A passenger opens the window on his side of the car, says, “Here, little man,” and hands the boy some money.

“Alright, be safe,” one of the people inside the car says, as the boy can be seen running around in front of the car into the next lane where cars are beginning to move.

“Don’t get hit by that car!” the voice says before the two occupants of the car erupt into shouts of alarm.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” they yell, stopping their vehicle and getting out.

“Call 911!”

The video then shows the boy lying face down on the road.

Police Report Issued

This afternoon the police released a report on the incident, which gives the following narrative with names and addresses redacted:

“V1 (Vehicle 1) was at a stop signal at President Street. V1 light turned green, V1 began to move his vehicle and Ped (pedestrian) 1
ran in front of his vehicle after panhandling. Witness at the scene advised same. Ped 1 had minor injuries and transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital and is listed in stable condition. V1 was not at fault for the accident.”

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