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The Dripby Lizzie Kane4:19 pmJun 20, 20190

Little Italy pedestrian-activated beacon: A follow-up

One of our questions was answered but the others could not be. Why? Ransomware-related problems, Baltimore DOT said

We reported this week on Baltimore’s first pedestrian-activated crossing beacon — installed on June 17 at the intersection of South Exeter Street and Eastern Avenue — and readers had more questions.

Among them: How much did it cost to install these flashing yellow lights that people can trigger with the push of a button?

The answer: About $16,000.

This according to Kathy Dominick, spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation.

But we had other questions about these new safety improvements, installed after City Councilman Zeke Cohen and transportation officials came together with Little Italy residents to address what the residents said has been a dangerous traffic trouble-spot.

But Dominick told The Brew that the information requested remains unattainable for the time being. Why?  Continuing problems related to the ransomware virus discovered on city computers back in May.

We asked:

• How many pedestrians use the intersection each day?
• How many pedestrians have been injured in car accidents at this particular intersection?
• Which other neighborhoods expressed interest in having beacons, and what metrics will you use to determine the success of the beacon in Little Italy?
• Can you share a list of the top 10 pedestrian crossings without signals (buttons to cross the street) by frequency of crashes?

Dominick apologized for “the delay,” meaning we presume, that the answers will be provided once all servers are fully functioning.

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