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Marilyn and Nick Mosby

Crime & Justiceby Fern Shen and Mark Reutter2:13 pmMar 21, 20210

BREW EXCLUSIVE: Marilyn Mosby purchased a $476,000 Florida condominium last month

The purchase was made just weeks before federal prosecutors placed Mosby and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, under official investigation. ••UPDATE•• The Brew finds that Mosby owns a second Florida house.

Above: The Tree House condominium on Longboat Key, near Sarasota, Florida, purchased by Marilyn Mosby in 2021 with money from her city retirement account, (zillow.com)

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby purchased a condominium near Sarasota, Florida, last month, paying $476,000 for the two-bedroom property described in real estate listings as “The Tree House.”

According to land records, 2934 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, was transferred from the Mustard Group LLC to Mosby on February 12.

Built in 1984, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,433 square feet of living area. The property is described as having cathedral ceilings, walk-in closets and access to the condominium complex’s pool.

As for waterfront access, real estate listings describe the Gulf of Mexico as being publicly accessible just across Gulf of Mexico Drive “four minutes away.”

Records show the property comes with a homeowners’ association fee of $1,045 per month and paid $5,349 in property taxes last year.

Mosby took out a $428,400 loan from United Wholesale Mortgage to pay for the property, which she initially bid for in early January.

Federal prosecutors are investigating Marilyn and Nick Mosby’s businesses, travel and tax deductions (3/19/21)

UPDATE – The Brew has confirmed another Florida real estate transaction by Mosby. On September 2, 2020, 1953 Nice Court was sold to Mosby for $545,000. The property located in Kissimmee, near Orlando, has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, three master suites and a swimming pool, according to local listings. On the same day, Mosby took out a $490,500 mortgage on the property from Cardinal Financial Co. in Charlotte, N.C.

The dining room at 1953 Nice Court.

The dining room at 1953 Nice Court, an eight-bedroom, three master suite property that was owned by Marilyn Mosby.

Federal Investigation

The Longboat Key purchase was made just weeks before Mosby and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, were notified that they are under investigation by federal prosecutors, who have subpoenaed multiple financial and other documents.

On March 10, investigators approached Nick Mosby in City Hall after he concluded a virtual meeting of the Board of Estimates.

Agents had also attempted to serve Marilyn Mosby a subpoena at the couple’s Reservoir Hill home, sources say.

In recent months, a number of financial issues have dogged the high-profile couple.

In October, the Mosbys acknowledged the IRS filed a $45,000 lien against them for unpaid back taxes.

Nick Mosby publicly said in November that the couple had paid off the lien, but it is not clear whether they have actually done so (see statement by their lawyer below).

The Mosbys did not respond to questions from The Brew today about the lien and the Florida property purchase.

UPDATE: Asked about the Mosbys’ $45,000 tax lien today, the couple’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden, said, “That is being taken care of.” Asked if the lien has been completely paid off, he repeated, “It is being taken care of – period.”

At a November 23, 2020 press conference, Nick Mosby said in response to a Brew question about the tax lien, “I paid.” The full $45,000? “Yes. Next question.”

Bolden criticized the disclosure of Mosby’s real estate purchase in Florida, saying “a public servant has an income, saves their money and purchases property. Why is that news?”

Other issues The Brew has disclosed involving the couple include:

• Marilyn Mosby had created a side business – Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC and two subsidiaries, Mahogany Elite Consulting and  Elite Travel – that had not been disclosed to the Maryland Ethics Commission until after Brew reporters began reviewing her records.

• A subsequent report by Baltimore’s Inspector General revealed that Mosby had used Mahogany Elite to deduct $5,000 in federal income taxes while reporting that the company was not active and had earned no income.

• The IG also found that Mahogany Elite paid for a plane ticket for Nick Mosby between California and Florida in 2019. Mosby was not an employee of his wife’s business.

Marilyn and Nick Mosby (Full Brew coverage)

The Longboat Key condo sale to Marilyn Mosby, listed recently by a Florida news website as having transpired in February. (YourObserver.com)

The Longboat Key condo sale to Marilyn Mosby, listed recently by a Florida news website as completed in February. (YourObserver.com)

Photos accompanying a real estate listing for 1953 Nice Court.

Photos accompanying a real estate listing for 1953 Nice Court.

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