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Politicsby Mark Reutter9:56 amJun 15, 20220

Marilyn Mosby lags far behind her rivals in state’s attorney’s money race

Following her indictment, the majority of Mosby’s funds came from out-of-state donors, led by the wife of Netflix’s CEO, whose contribution appears to have violated Maryland law

Above: Marilyn Mosby poses with “100 Men for Marilyn” in a tweet posted yesterday. (MarilynMosbyEsq)

In the wake of her federal indictment, Marilyn Mosby has taken a resounding financial hit, raising a fraction of the money secured by her two rivals as the race for Baltimore state’s attorney enters its final weeks.

The Mosby campaign last night reported just $38,738 [update: $32,738, see below] in contributions since her January 13 indictment, with the vast majority of money coming from out-of-state donors.

That was less than 1/27th of the amount reported by Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah, who have together collected more than $1 million since the two-term state’s attorney was charged with perjury and filing false statements.

Bates, a former assistant state’s attorney now in private practice, reported $449,328 in cash contributions between January 13 and June 7, while Vignarajah, a former federal prosecutor who entered the race in March, reporting raising $600,784.

On Monday, the Mosby campaign telegraphed its financial distress, announcing a “100 Men for Marilyn Mosby” fundraiser at Bar One in Harbor East.

The message noted that Mosby’s husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, would participate in the fundraiser, along with attorneys William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr., Granville Templeton, Warren Brown and her lead defense lawyer, A. Scott Bolden.

“Alright Ladies,” Mosby wrote in an accompanying message, “It’s going down tonight. You don’t want to miss this one!”

California Contributors

Nearly half of the money raised by Mosby came from two donors, according to the report filed with the State Board of Elections:

• $12,000, made up in two $6,000 credit card payments on March 11, was attributed to Patty Quillin, listed as “unemployed” and living in Santa Cruz, Calif. Patricia “Patty” Quillin of Santa Cruz is the wife of billionaire Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, known for contributing to liberal political causes.

As reported by Mosby’s campaign committee, Quillin’s contributions would violate Maryland election law, which limits individual contributions to $6,000 per election cycle. The Brew has sought clarification from the Mosby campaign about the contributions.

Consecutive entries in Marilyn Mosby's latest campaign filing. (Maryland State Board of Elections)

Consecutive entries in Marilyn Mosby’s campaign filing indicate that Quillin made two $6,000 contributions on the same day. (“Friends of Marilyn Mosby,” State Board of Elections)

• $6,000 from Quinn Delaney of Oakland, Calif., founder of the Akonadi Foundation and an advisor to Smart Justice California and the California Donor Table.

According to its website, the Akonadi Foundation “supports the development of powerful social change movements to eliminate structural racism and create a racially just society.” Delaney’s husband, Wayne Jordan, is an Oakland real estate developer noted as one of Barack Obama’s largest campaign donors.

UPDATE: Mosby campaign corrects its finance report, now says California donor contributed $6,000, not an illegal $12,000 (6/15/22)

Other Donors

• $2,000 from Lisa Weiss of Los Angeles, an account manager at BlogHer.com.

• $1,500 from Erika Alexander of Brooklyn, N.Y., actress and co-founder of @colorfarm.

• $1,500 from former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, who is now president of the University of Baltimore.

• $1,000 from Darius Brown, a Democratic state senator in Delaware, who was cleared in January by a Wilmington jury of assault charges for allegedly punching a woman in the face at a restaurant.

The Mosby campaign paid $15,600 in consulting fees to Quincey Gamble.

A former executive director of the Maryland Democratic Party, Gamble stepped down as Mosby’s campaign advisor during her 2018 race after he was charged with harassment and assault of two women he had dated.

The case was handled by Steven I. Kroll, a special prosecutor appointed by Mosby’s office, while Gamble was represented by Billy Murphy.

Judiciary Case Search shows that the charges were “steted” in Baltimore Circuit Court in July 2018, and the case was formally closed without charges a year later.

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