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Marilyn and Nick Mosby

The Dripby Brew Editors2:18 pmMar 22, 20240

DOCUMENT: Donations to the Mosby 2021 Trust, with names redacted by the city

The Maryland Public Information Act Compliance Board said that the names must be released. But a judge overturned them after the Scott administration filed an appeal.

Above: Amounts disclosed but names blacked out. What the city released when asked for the list of donors to the Mosby 2021 Trust.

Here for the record is what the Baltimore Ethics Board released to Baltimore Brew and other media outlets last year when we requested a list of the donors to the legal defense fund set up for City Council President Nick Mosby and his wife, then-Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Judge rules that city can withhold names of donors to Nick and Marilyn Mosby’s legal defense fund (3/18/24)

Ruling on Mosby defense fund donor redaction: Disappointing and wrong (3/22/24)

The list – with all names redacted – was provided to Baltimore Brew in a 3/24/23 email by the Board’s executive director, J. Christoph Amberger.

[Click on each image to see it more clearly.]

mosby redactions 1

mosby redactions 2

mosby redactions 3

mosby redactions 4

mosby redactions 5

y redction

mosby redactions 7

mosby redactions 8

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