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The Dripby Brew Editors12:32 pmMay 17, 20240

Sheila Dixon concedes Baltimore mayoral race to Brandon Scott

After this her third attempt at a comeback, the former mayor says she won’t be trying again but vows to “never stop working to serve the city I love”

Above: Trailing badly in the primary after the polls closed, Sheila Dixon addresses supporters. (YouTube)

Nearly three days after Brandon Scott took an overwhelming lead in the mayoral primary and the Associated Press called the race for him, Sheila Dixon today conceded, announcing that she phoned Scott to congratulate him on winning a second term.

“While this isn’t the outcome we hoped for, I’m profoundly grateful to God and to each and every one of the Baltimoreans who stood with me in this race,” Dixon said in a statement.

“I am thankful for the long-time supporters who put their trust in me once again, and the new supporters who joined the diverse coalition that powered our campaign,” the former mayor said.

Dixon’s defeat on Tuesday marked the third time she had tried to stage a comeback since resigning in 2010 after pleading guilty to embezzlement as part of a wider corruption scandal.

Following a failed mayoral bid in 2016, she lost narrowly to Scott in 2020.

At present, with some mail-in voting still being counted, Scott leads Dixon by 51% to 41% – a roughly 6,300 vote difference.

Dixon has previously vowed that, if this primary run fails, it will be her last attempt.

In her statement, the 70-year-old confirmed her intention to bow out of elective office.

“While this race marks the end of my journey in public office, I will never stop working to serve the city I love,” she said.

“After some much needed rest, and some time with my family, I look forward to stepping back into the community as your lifelong partner in the work to fulfill this city’s potential because I know it will take all of us to realize the future we all envision and the great people of this city deserve.”

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